Actual Avid Gun Device Pro – AR15




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Gun Device Pro-AR15 is packed with features. Thirty-five really capable equipment in a tactical, rugged body get the job done with ease and precision to continue to keep black guns firing reliably and precisely. From teardown and scraping carbon, to servicing and reassembly, the Gun Device Pro-AR15 is the husband or wife to have in the field, at the variety or workbench.eleven Firearm-Unique Torx, Allen, Phillips and Flat Drivers/Bits
nine Functionality Bolt/Firing Pin/Cam Pin Scraper and Carrier Scraper
two.5” Raptor Claw Stage Knife Blade
one/4” Bit Driver, one/4” Bit Wrench, Bolt Override Device, Pin Punch, Tap Hammer and Metal File
A1 & A2 Entrance Sight Adjuster and Ballistic Nylon Sheath



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