AGPtEK Insulated Electrical Screwdriver Phillips and Flat Double Head Precision 7pcs Set Black End Blades With Magnetic Suggestions Dwelling Outdoor Fix Software Kit




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$12.ninety nine


The shafts are manufactured from Cr-v steel with Plastic blade protect for Insulated Electrical applications. with magnetic strategies safeguarded by Black end. it can make all the precision,density .Suggestions are magnetized to prevent screws from currently being dropped and for straightforward 1-handed set up.The ergonomic TPR handle give a lot more cozy operation exertion the torsional electricity of the prime of screwdriver achieve the most effective issue.

Package consist of:
1X T10&T20 double head screwdriver
1X T15&T25 double head screwdriver
1X -three.&+PH0 double head screwdriver
1X -five.&+PH1 double head screwdriver
1X -six.&+PH2 double head screwdriver
1X Y1&Y2 double head screwdriver
1X U-shape2.six&Triangle 4.
1X screwdriver handle

Cr-v steel with warmth remedy, superior hardness and excellent toughness and resistence
Black end blade with magnetic strategies which could conveniently draws in screws
Plastic blade protect and particular substance which tends to make it resilient and not effortlessly damaged down
With ergonomic TPR handle and button on it, it will help you to use extremely effortlessly
Insulated blades for Electrical applications. Workingvoltage:500v