Cricut Resources Craft Standard Set




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The Cricut Resources Standard Set offers you five equipment, plus 4 interchangeable finish caps. The Cricut Resources Scissors cut cleanly with a micro-tip blade and deliver precision cuts with all products. Hardened stainless metal blades feature a detachable blade go over. The Cricut Resources Tweezers are developed with a reverse grip feature, enabling them to elevate and protected in a single phase. The Cricut Resources Scraper is tailor made developed to scrape and clean undesirable scraps from the Cricut slicing mats, contributing to a longer lasting mat. The Cricut Resources Spatula will specifically elevate photographs from the Cricut slicing mat, protecting against tearing and curling. The Cricut Resources Weeder is perfect for taking away very small cuts, together with detrimental parts of vinyl and iron-on from the carrier sheet, or poking out very small detrimental parts from a cut cardstock impression. Customize Cricut Resources with Cricut Resources Conclude Caps in a snap. This interchangeable feature lets you to modify colors to best fit your style and individuality.Includes the next Cricut Resources: Scissors with protecting blade go over Tweezers Weeder Scraper and Spatula
4 interchangeable finish caps
Get all the Cricut Resources in a single set