Device Maintenance Package Precision Screw Driver Established Torx + Flat Head + Risk-free Plying Prying Pry Device for Motorola Verizon Sprint ATT Cingular Razor and Far more




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Magnetized strategies precision torx screw driver. Measurements : T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T10, also included tweeter tools established and excess flat head and cross hair screw driver, all magnetized strategies. Sturdy with precision reduce dimensions to guarantee you can get the job correct like a professional. Aid close (blue coloration ends) give you the capacity to turn the screw driver and holding it continue to, and magnetized strategies to keep the screws to stay away from dropping the little parts. Use this package to repair cell phones, laptops, glasses or other precisions works. Merchandise 8 : Risk-free plastic plying instrument, reliable so you can effortlessly plying anything not harming or make marks Merchandise nine : Flat head precision screw driver. Compatible: Use this instrument package to repair / set up your cell mobile phone these Motorola phones, Lg phones, Samsung phones, Treo Palm, Blackberry, Htc, Audiovox Pda Smartphone and more.Magnetic Strategies
Screw Driver Torx with Ideal Precision Reduce