Estwing Mfg Co. E3-28SM Framing Hammer, Metallic Cope with




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Estwing’s 28 oz. milled confronted framing hammer is solid in one particular piece sound metal and fully polished. The equilibrium and mood are unsurpassed. It has a molded on Shock Reduction Grip which reduces shock up to 70% and will not occur off. Estwing hammers are the only hammers that can make this assert. Lengthier take care of and heavier head for driving massive popular nails. Milled confront created to decrease glancing blows and flying nails when employed in framing unexposed wooden. Built in the United states. Shield your eyes from flying particles and dust. Always have on protection goggles. Bystanders shall also have on protection goggles.Designed for use on framing employment
1 Piece solid metal head and take care of
Cast steel head for highest toughness
Milled confront grips nail heads to decrease mishits
Rip claws are created to pull nails well
Cope with length and bodyweight give leverage and energy for straightforward nailing
Cast in one particular piece
All metal development
Unique nylon-vinyl deep cushion grip
Milled confront