Nanoleaf NL03-1200WN120E26 Bloom Uniquely Dimmable 75W Replacement LED Bulb, Arctic white




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Dimmable in regular ON/OFF light fixtures/lamps. Adjust the brightness with your existing ON/OFF switch. Set the mood and save energy! No hardware, no apps, just take the Nanoleaf Bloom out of the box, put it into any fixture and start adjusting the brightness using the light switch that’s already there! With our patented technology, we have been able to transform the switching of the light switch into a control signal for our light! With this technology, we have enabled you to dim your lights in light fixtures that were before only able to be 100% on or off. Forget about dimmer switches, get the Nanoleaf Bloom and dim your lights in regular ON/OFF light fixtures or lamps using the existing ON/OFF light switch! Go ahead, grab life by the bulbs. Order your Nanoleaf Bloom bulbs today!Dimmable in regular non-dimming on/off light fixtures and lamps using just the existing on/off light switch
Convenient direct access to Night Mode (5% brightness) – turning the switch On-Off-On quickly (within 1 second)
Ultra energy efficient – 10 watt Nanoleaf Bloom replacing the 75 watt A19 bulb, saves you more than $215 within its lifetime
Extra long lifetime of 27 years – reduces the hassle of frequent replacement
Safe for the environment and your home – durable design and extremely eco-friendly