Power Grip Carving Applications, 7 Piece Set




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The handle form and short blade size of these unique carving instruments make them the excellent “gap fillers” in between regular palm dealt with and whole sized carving instruments. The 4-one/two” handles are designed to be held like a pencil for specific management. When extra force is desired area the flared handle conclude in the palm of your hand. Applications have one-one/4″ laminated metal blades. Set incorporates a 3mm (one/eight”) #9 gouge, 6mm (one/4″) #eight gouge, seven.5mm (five/16″) skew chisel, seven.5mm (five/16″) straight chisel, 4.5mm (3/16″) V-parting device, 9mm (3/eight”) #five gouge and a 9mm (3/eight”) #3 gouge. Consists of storage boxPerfect “gap fillers” in between palm dealt with and whole sized carving instruments
seven piece established incorporates – 3mm (one/eight”) #9 gouge,seven.5mm (five/16″) skew and straight chisel,
6mm (one/4″) #eight gouge, 4.5mm (3/16″) V-parting device, 9mm (3/eight”) #five and #3 gouges
4-one/two” handles
one-one/4″ laminated metal blades