Stanley 25-1201, Suits one-5 Gallon Reusable Dry Filter Bag with Clamp Ring Vacuum Cleaner, one-Pack




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Reusable Dry Filter bag with Clamp Ring, matches one-5-Gallon Stanley vacuumuum. (one bag with one clamp ring per offer). Job is simpler when you have the right tools. Whether or not you are vacuumuuming your garage, workshop, or indoor floors, finding up liquids, cleansing your car or truck, or cleansing up outside, there-Toes a Stanley accent to make cleanup simpler, more quickly, and extra successful. Equipment are interchangeable with other important brand soaked or dry vacuumuum tools. Stanley soaked or dry vacuumuums provide top-quality efficiency in any natural environment. Stanley vacuums make short get the job done of even the hardest careers, preserving you time and effort and hard work. vacuum-the number a person name in vacuum business.Reusable dry filter bag with clamp ring
Suits one-5-Gallon Stanley Vacuum
one bag with one clamp ring per offer
Stanley accessories make cleanup simpler, more quickly, and extra successful
Interchangeable with other important brand soaked/dry vacuum tools