Stiletto Resources, Inc. TI14MC Titan 14-OunceTitanium Framing Hammer With Curved Cope with




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If you are used to a standard sixteen-ounce claw hammer, this light-weight titanium hammer from Stilletto will make you sense like Popeye following he’s experienced his can of spinach. This elegance has a graceful curve in its hickory take care of that is ergonomically improved for swinging–a compact modification that will make a gigantic change. It weighs only 14 ounces, but it drives like the large boys. We liked the magnetized nail groove, since it will help stop hitting fingernails. The company suggests this is the world’s very first titanium-head hammer, and if that is real, there are guaranteed to be copycats. The only term of caution: titanium has a million merits, but be knowledgeable that it will spark if chipped.The unique Titanium framing hammer
Fewer recoil shock than metal hammers
Lightweight titanium head eases fatigue, nonetheless the driving drive equals a 24 -ounce metal
Magnetic nail start attribute on nose of the hammer for quick one-handed nail sets
Ergonomic American hickory curved handles for better swing leverage