Store Vac Filter Craftsman 17816 / Ridgid VF4000, VF4200 Replacement Soaked/Dry Vac Air Filter R-17816 by Refresh




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Quality Replacement Air Filters suits in lots of Craftsman and Ridgid Store Vacuums. Fits in location of element quantities 9-17816 and Ridgid VF4000, VF4200, VF5000 Pleated Paper Filter offers 10 occasions the surface area region of regular foam filters uncovered in other vacs.
Fits present vacuums 9-17784, 9-17761, 9-17066, 9-17741, 9-17742, 9-17765, and 9-17762. Will also in shape more mature vacuums: six gallon manufactured since 1992 8, twelve, sixteen, 32 gallons since 1988 and 9-17923, 9-17932, 9-17935, and 9-17937.
Filter cap NOT included, propose re use present cap.Refresh your Store Vac air filter with a quick and handy vacuum substitution filter
For use with most 5, six, 9, twelve, and sixteen gallon and larger sized vacuums designed just after 1988
Fits all vacuums to make the most of pink stripe filter. Filter cap not included, propose re use present cap.
Conveniently picks up sawdust wooden chips and auto filth
Fits in location of Craftsman 9-17816, 17816 and Ridgid VF4000, VF4200, VF5000