Swiss+Tech ST35060 Polished SS 20-in-1 Bicycle Multitool Package for Bicycle Restore, Athletics, Camping, Outdoors




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Swiss+Tech introduces Palm-Grip Resources, hefty-duty, compact and rugged! The Rx20 is a cycling software for on-the-highway repairs or at house maintenance. Twenty hefty-duty instruments suit into a compact aluminum body that can be retained in a software box or in a pannier. A comprehensive and compact software for bike enthusiasts. High-high quality stainless metal and aluminum features toughness and dependability. Life time Limited Guarantee. Characteristics: no. 2 Phillips, flat head driver, 2mm hex driver, 2.5mm hex driver, 3mm hex driver, 4mm hex driver, 5mm hex driver, 6mm hex driver, 8mm hex driver, T25 star driver, 8mm wrench, 10mm wrench, three.5mm spoke wrench, three.8mm spoke wrench, 4mm spoke wrench, 6mm Mavic spoke wrench, 10mm Mavic spoke wrench, chain software, tire lever 1 and tire lever 2.Compact, sturdy and dependable cycling software kit
Thorough software for bike enthusiasts
Stainless metal and aluminum instruments
Characteristics seven hex motorists, 2 screwdrivers, 2 wrenches, star driver, chain software, 5 spoke wrenches and 2 tire levers
Wonderful for women’s or men’s items