TEKTON 30124 Jacketed Fiberglass Rip Hammer, 20-Ounce




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Straightforward and reliable, the TEKTON 20 oz. Jacketed Fiberglass Rip Hammer is a re-engineered and refined typical. Its superior a person-piece take care of is made of a few components molded with each other. Almost unbreakable, the core is produced from higher-strength fiberglass. It is really light-weight and can help retain vibrations absent from your hand. To guard the core from skipped strikes, it is wrapped with a tricky, effects-absorbing poly jacket. The smooth and snug anti-slip rubber grip presents you certain management and given that it is specifically integrated with the rest of the take care of, it can by no means pull loose like grips that are pushed on. With sharpened chisel finishes, the straight claw gets into restricted areas to pry boards aside, pierces and pulls off drywall and plaster, and slides underneath nail heads to pull them out.High-strength fiberglass take care of is protected by an effects-resistant poly jacket
Smooth, snug rubber grip gives certain, non-slip management
Sharpened straight claw pries aside boards, demolishes drywall, and pulls nails
Long term head-to-take care of epoxy bond will not loosen about time
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