Vehicle Hammer – Auto Protection Seatbelt Cutter Glass Window Punch Breaker Emergency Rescue Disaster Escape Instrument – Should-Have Lifestyle Preserving Survival Kit




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HOW Considerably IS YOUR Lifestyle Truly worth TO YOU?

This Vehicle Hammer Could Be Your Lifestyle Saver

– Effortless elimination from its holder when you need to use it.
– Specially built double hammer head window breaker at one end and seatbelt cutter metal blade at the other end for emergency, combined in one significant good quality plastic cope with for peace of mind

A Should Have Lifestyle Preserving Survival Kit

This car hammer, a.k.a. escape hammer, is built to be a prospective Lifestyle Preserving Survival Kit. You hope you would hardly ever use it. But it’s there in your dwelling, your car’s centre console, glove box, or door slot when you need to split windows or to slice seatbelts so you can free of charge your self and your liked ones from inside a sinking or a burning car. Get 1 hammer for every single car you individual and purchase extras for your dwelling and for your liked ones.

Your Lifestyle Could Count On This Vehicle Hammer

A significant-good quality car or dwelling escape tool to support avoid automotive or a burning dwelling entrapment
– Razor-sharp blade cuts by way of seat belts
– Contains a protective bracket for the hammer heads and metal blade

This car hammer is backed by a Lifetime No-Trouble Substitution Warranty.

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Specially built hardened metal double hammer heads car window breaker
Razor-sharp metal blade cuts by way of seat belts
Protecting bracket for the hammer heads and metal blade integrated
Should-have stability emergency tool. Do not drive without having it. Your daily life could rely on it.
Acquire 1 for Every single of Your car and your parent’s and children’s car