Workpro 276-piece Rotary Instrument Extras Package Common Fitment for Quick Chopping, Carving and Polishing




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$29.ninety nine


52PC sanding bands, 40PC sanding discs, 40PC sanding disc with back adhesive, 36PC emery slice-off wheels, 1PC sharpening compound, 16PC fiberglass slice-off wheels, 4PC flap wheel, 8PC felt sharpening wheels, 1PC felt suggestion, 6PC sillicon carbide grinding wheels, 6PC aluminum oxide grinding wheels, 6PC white alundum grinding wheels, 2PC diamond wheels, 1PC dressing stone, 3PC collets, 1PC wrench, 2PC rubber emery wheels, 12PC diamond cutters, 9PC HSS twist drill bits, 3PC mandrel wheels, 3PC sanding shanks, one sucking dist, 6PC rubber grinding stones, 4PC silicon carbide grinding stones, 6PC aluminum oxide grinding stones, 1PC brass wheel brush, 3PC stainless metal brushes, 3PC bristle brushe, 1PC plastic caseAll reason accent for reducing, grinding,sanding, carving and sharpening on selection of materials
Common fitment for use on all important models
Reusable storage case for quick storage and carrying