WORKSHOP Soaked Dry Vacuum Add-ons WS25001A Shop Vacuum Brush Attachment For two-one/two-Inch Soaked Dry Vacuum Hose




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Dust and dirt can’t disguise from the two-one/two-inch diameter moist dry vac brush attachment. This dusting brush is made to maneuver into limited spaces, get into crevices and brush dust as it cleans. Brush vacuum attachments are also great for housewares items such as mild shades and blinds.This shop vacuum brush attachment dusts the location as it cleans by lifting dust and debris into the airstream
Bristles of the vacuum cleaner brush attachment will get into crevices and high-quality elements to clean
Matches most shop vacuum hoses or wands with a two-one/two-inch diameter
two-one/two-inch diameter vacuum attachments lets for larger sized debris collection and utmost airflow
Suck It Up. Get It Finished. with WORKSHOP Soaked Dry Vacs WS17801A shop vacuum brush attachment. Also see WS25014 moist dry vac flooring brush to elevate debris from floors.